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Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery didn’t speak until he was four. His brilliant mind was too busy configuring the way the world was wired. As an adult he discovered that electric potential is proportional to the electric charge. This potential was aptly named voltage.

At VOLT LAB our energy is generated by passion, commitment and expertise. To boost creativity we think off the grid and engage on another level. To fuel our energy we work against the current. To innovate and deliver relevant and engaging work we, like our namesake, re-wire our thinking.

New Website


  • CLIENT Agency
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Web Design
  • Key Performance areas: - Head of design studio
    - Front end web design/ landing page design
    - Banner, email and brochure creation
    - Social Media
    - Assist with the application and maintenance of brand standards
    - Image sourcing and editing
    - Creation of copy
    - Building sister brands
    - Creation of custom graphics: CI's (logos and stationary), event artwork, banners, advertisements, posters, welcome packs etc

  • Categories:Branding , Digital Design , Email Marketing , Illustration , Print , Social Media , WEB


Cape Town, South Africa

Brian Akermann
0027 79 379 6949